Vermiculite Loose

Loose Vermiculite in a 100 Litre Bag. It is an insulation material which expands at high temperatures reaching 1100oC to become stronger, more light weight and gain fire resistance properties. These special properties make vermiculite suitable for pipe insulation and insulation in wood fired pizza ovens.

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Vitcas Vermiculite in Loose form in a 100 Litre Bag. Vermiculite is a high temperature insulation material.
When the loose vermiculite is heated under extremely high temperatures, the vermiculite flakes expand to the extent of 8-30 times their original size. Vermiculite acquires a special strength upon expansion and becomes lighter in weight. This light weight vermiculite acquires fire resilient properties.


  • Heat resistant to 1100oC / 2012oF
  • High thermal insulation
  • Expands with heat to acquire special properties- fire resilience 


  • Manufacture of commercial furnaces, fire bricks and fireplaces
  • Insulation behind firebacks
  • In chimney lining
  • Pipe insulation
  • Thermal & acoustic insulation
  • Insulating walls and attics
  • Around stoves & pizza ovens
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Groupe de produits Agrégats
Taille 100 L
Température 1100°C /2010°F
Fabricant Vitcas
Isolation Oui
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